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The Drivers Log Books provided by AMTRAX are fully approved by the NZTA and contains 50 pages in triplicate. The pages are printed on self-copying paper. They are packed in cartons of 40, or half cartons of 20 LogBooks.

The Driver Log Books are numbered using a "Duo-numbering" format which sequentially numbers the books, and then the numbers within that book. For example, the book pictured is book number 123678 and the page is number 00 of that book. Having the LogBooks numbered with this approach enables easy tracking of which driver the LogBook was issued to.

The Features of the Driver LogBooks provided by AMTRAX:
  • Fully approved by NZTA
  • 50 pages in triplicate
  • ”Duo-numbering” format
  • Easy tracking
№ of books Cost per LogBook Total Cost
80 $5.35 + GST $428 + GST
40 $5.75 + GST $230 + GST
20 $6.25 + GST $125 + GST
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Glossary for Drivers log books

Worktime - is time spent performing work-related duties, including, but not limited to, driving vehicles, loading and unloading vehicles, maintaining and cleaning vehicles, administration or recording and any other paid employment. The term replaces the on 'duty' and 'driving hours' terms, which used to be recorded separately in a driver's logbook. All work time will need to be recorded in your logbook.

Logbooks - provide a record of your work time hours.

Cumulative work day - means a period:
 (a) during which work occurs; and
 (b) that:
    (i) does not exceed 24 hours; and
    (ii) begins after a continuous period of rest time of at least 10 hours.

Cumulative work period - is the period between one 24-hour break and the next. Drivers can work up to 70 hours before they must take a break of at least 24 hours.

Short-term variation - A transport service operator may apply for a variation, to either allowable work time or required rest breaks, to assist in meeting operational needs. The variation must still not exceed 14 days in total and any cumulative work period may not exceed 70 hours.

Road user charges - enable all users to contribute to the road network in New Zealand. All vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (manufacter's gross laden weight) and all vehicles 3.5 tonnes or less (powered by fuel not taxed at source) require a road user charges licence.

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